Top Landscape Design Ideas for Small Properties

When you start looking at different landscape design ideas, you may soon realise that many of them are targeted towards homeowners with large, sprawling sections. While it’s true that you can do a lot more with a much larger area, that doesn’t mean you are greatly limited with a smaller section.

If you’re struggling to come up with ways to transform your small outdoor area with landscaping, Principal Landscapes has provided the following ideas that may put you on the path to success:

Create Sections

It might seem counterintuitive to create divided areas in what is already a small space, but you may be surprised at how this landscape design idea can actually make your yard appear bigger. Create an area for gardens, one for relaxing, and perhaps one for socializing.

They don’t have to be large spaces, which is likely to be the case if your property is only small, but they can add some definition while preventing your small area from appearing cluttered and disorganized.

Get Clever With Perspectives

You can’t change how large your yard is, but you can change how people perceive it with one clever addition: long, straight lines.

If you slant long lines of something like flowers or a pathway from the start of your yard to the end of it, you can add the perception of length. This can make your yard appear much larger overall than it actually is.

Use a Variety of Elements

Because you only have a small space to work with, you might think that you should use just one of each element to avoid taking up too much space or creating clutter. However, when used correctly, you can add a variety of hardscapes, softscapes, paving materials, and lawn areas to the smallest of spaces.

Having all of these different elements can add interest to your space, making it hard to tell that your yard is as tiny as it is.

Create a Vertical Garden

You might have dreamed of one day having a large, sprawling garden filled with a variety of different plants, but that might not be your reality right now. In the meantime, look at what you can achieve with a vertical garden.

Plant upwards on trellis, retaining walls, and fences. You can even buy products that have space for you to add soil and plants without taking up any usable space. Vertical gardens are growing in popularity, with homeowners only having a small patio area – or even a balcony.

Rely On Outside Views

Some small yards can appear very boxed in, especially if you have tall fencing. However, if you can ‘borrow’ the view of your neighbours’, you may be able to make your yard appear much larger.

For example, if your property has a backdrop of trees that aren’t within your boundary, add elements in front of them in your own yard that work in harmony with the trees. Before long, it can look like what your neighbours have actually forms part of your own property.

It’s not always easy working with small spaces, and most landscapers can attest to that. However, it’s not entirely impossible to create an adorable space that both looks and feels larger than it really is. Any of these options above may be perfect for your unique situation.