How Global Landscaping Trends Have Changed Over Time

How Global Landscaping Trends Have Changed Over Time

Most of us are familiar with the most common landscaping designs today. Low maintenance tends to be the aim of the game, along with privacy and drought tolerance.

However, what may surprise you is that today’s landscape trends can be incredibly different from those from several decades ago. From grand entrances to extensive rose gardens, here is some surprising information you may not have known about the landscaping trends of our past.

Grand Property Entrances

When you meander down your average suburban street, you mostly see fence after fence, with the occasional tree and mailbox for good measure. We don’t blink an eye to this property appeal, but it used to look much, much different in many parts of the world.

It wasn’t uncommon for the front lawn of any home to be a grand entrance to the property. The homeowner may have put time into installing bird feeders and birdhouses, along with fish ponds, rock gardens, and boxwood hedging. Maintenance was a full-time job, but what better way to welcome guests to your home?

Large Rose Gardens

Rose gardens remain popular today, but perhaps not as much as they used to be during the 1930s. Those large, grand property entrances were not as desirable during the 1930s due to the financial implications of the Great Depression. Not everyone had spare money for landscaping.

So, a new trend was emerging. Homeowners were planting inexpensive but gorgeous rose gardens, along with vibrant plants like lilacs and hydrangeas. They were vibrant and eye-catching but required much less time, money, and effort than previous preferred landscaping options.

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