4 Ways to Welcome Wildlife Into Your Yard With Landscape Design

4 Ways to Welcome Wildlife Into Your Yard With Landscape Design

When we start looking at our landscape design options, our first priority is to make a space that best suits our needs. We might include an outdoor entertainment area to enjoy with friends and lighting to make sure we can enjoy it at night.

But what about wildlife? As it turns out, there are ways to welcome them into your yard with landscape design, as well. Here are some helpful ideas below.

Put Thought Into Plants

Even though you might have a vision for how you want your property to look, that vision might have to change ever so slightly if you’re also trying to welcome wildlife into your yard. What you plant can actually matter quite a lot.

The best chance you have of welcoming native wildlife into your yard is to choose plants that are native to Australia and your area. By taking this approach, you may increase your chances of attracting the animals already found in your area to your property.

There are plenty of options to choose from, so find a nursery that specialises in indigenous plants to find out what will suit your location the best. Be sure to put some thought into soil and rainfall requirements, as well, as this may give your plants the best chance to thrive.

Consider Water Elements

Even if you hadn’t originally thought of adding something with water, it might be how you welcome more wildlife into your property. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to attract animals.

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Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Life gets busy, and as much as many people would love landscaping designs that incorporate acres of flower beds, it’s simply not realistic. Therefore, when they approach landscaping companies for help transforming their yard, the term ‘low maintenance’ is thrown around a lot.

But what’s really involved in creating a low-maintenance yard? The following design elements have become worth their weight in gold.

Outdoor Entertaining Areas

It won’t take most people long to work out that outdoor entertainment areas with paving stones, decks, fire pits, and gravel are far less work than flower beds with all your favourite plants.

As a result, many people steer toward sacrificing lawn and garden areas for their own little space that requires minimal time and effort throughout the year. While you might miss out on flowers blooming and brightening up the space, you’ve got somewhere comfortable to socialise with your friends during the warmer months.

Return Some Yard to Nature

As challenging as it might be to let nature do what it’s supposed to do, it can be worth it when you can give up some of your gardening responsibilities. If you have a back garden area with trees and shade, let this space work its magic for wildlife.

The fallen leaves from the trees will create mulch for the soil, and birds will make it their own slice of paradise. While you may like to add a few native plants and rocks to this space, it can otherwise be self-sufficient.

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