Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Life gets busy, and as much as many people would love landscaping designs that incorporate acres of flower beds, it’s simply not realistic. Therefore, when they approach landscaping companies for help transforming their yard, the term ‘low maintenance’ is thrown around a lot.

But what’s really involved in creating a low-maintenance yard? The following design elements have become worth their weight in gold.

Outdoor Entertaining Areas

It won’t take most people long to work out that outdoor entertainment areas with paving stones, decks, fire pits, and gravel are far less work than flower beds with all your favourite plants.

As a result, many people steer toward sacrificing lawn and garden areas for their own little space that requires minimal time and effort throughout the year. While you might miss out on flowers blooming and brightening up the space, you’ve got somewhere comfortable to socialise with your friends during the warmer months.

Return Some Yard to Nature

As challenging as it might be to let nature do what it’s supposed to do, it can be worth it when you can give up some of your gardening responsibilities. If you have a back garden area with trees and shade, let this space work its magic for wildlife.

The fallen leaves from the trees will create mulch for the soil, and birds will make it their own slice of paradise. While you may like to add a few native plants and rocks to this space, it can otherwise be self-sufficient.

More Hardscapes, Fewer Plants

If you don’t have the time to care for giant flower beds and endless lines of shrubs, hardscapes can be your friend. Landscaping experts can build raised garden areas that are not only somewhere to relax, but just have a small amount of garden space around the edges. You can also add colour with outdoor furniture, garden pots, and stones.

Be Choosy With Your Plants

Sometimes, people become overwhelmed by gardening because they’ve opted for the neediest, fussiest plants in the garden centre. When you’re giving your outdoor space a new lease on life, choose plants that require minimal care. Even better, select plants that thrive in your area without your help at all.

Sacrifice Some Lawn

If you live somewhere with equal parts rain and sunshine, you’ll likely find yourself pushing a lawnmower more often than not. It’s almost like as soon as you’ve mowed your lawns, they’ve started growing again.

While you don’t need to give up your lawn altogether, you may be able to transform part of it into a paved area that requires minimal maintenance. Weed spraying from time to time may be all it takes to keep such a space looking at its best. You can then leave your weekends free for activities you actually like doing, rather than lawn mowing.

Use Ground Cover Plants

Right up there in terms of people’s least favourite chores is weeding. It’s almost like they grow before your very eyes. Give up much of this task by investing in ground cover plants. They spread out over a soil area and leave very little space for weeds to thrive.

Low maintenance landscaping is becoming more popular by the year, with more and more homeowners having less and less time to spend toiling away in their garden. Any of these ideas above may be how you get back your freedom.